Quality Assurance, Focus Control

ArkarTech from procurement to delivery of quality assurance

From your purchase, we will maintain an efficient, rapid commodity security will you need delivered to your doorstep, in ArkarTech your orders, we have a series of procedures are as follows: Procurement - Test - Control - Delivery, four main areas, in order to ensure the safety of your purchase of goods, the quality of our system of checks and double checks from procurement to delivery.


We Promise To

- Provide only genuine goods.
- Provide 24/7 customer support.
- Sourcing the best suppliers to offer the high quality products.  ArkarTech will inspect the products after receiving the goods from suppliers.
- Testing your products before shipment.  ArkartTech has special testing engineers to test all products before shipments.
- Tracking your products on delivery.  ArkarTech always use the DHL, FEDEX, UPS or EMS. We will send you the tracking number after shipment.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Warranty & Customer Protection

ArkarTech has the best warranty in the industry.  All items are covered by a 5-day dead on arrival (DOA) warranty. 30-day no-question-asked money back guarantee. Most items are covered by a 90-day refund and replace policy, 180-day repair warranty, and product lifetime support and repair services.

Purchase Your Goods

When you sit in the comfort of your own office or home visit ArkarTech goods, we have been busy selecting the best product best price, all your product needs, ArkarTech Shenzhen headquarters, and around China the best and most trusted manufacturer of long-term cooperation, choose their products, reputation, reliability, quality, and to ensure product safety and quality of feasibility, to provide you with the best rate shopping services.

In ArkarTech from high-end consumer electronics and high-tech products, such as: earphone, headphone, headset, mouses, keyboards, speakers, etc.


Order to ProcessYour Product

When you click "complete order" on your product ArkarTech immediately ordered into action, and immediately begin processing your order. Our staff will review your order details and product review process, check for any delay may result in part. At the same time, will send an email to confirm your order has arrived in your inbox.


Test Your Product

Even if the quality of our product suppliers project; are all trusted manufacturers, but we will not relax any part of a test. All products must go through a detailed quality control procedures:

Packaging Your Products

ArkarTech packaging and testing team to run the same way. Packaging project department is always double-check any manufacturing and design defects, their operations, to ensure your ArkarTech purchased, that you received from our Express product intact.

Product packaging, foam packaging and may increase the tape (or more). Second, send the product is carefully packaged by our issued and inspection, greatly improve the safety and feasibility of transport.


Track Your Products

Once your product leaves our doors, we will continue to follow it, until the product is sent to your hand. ArkarTech customer service team has been working behind the scenes to address your needs and queries. We track your goods, and in the shortest time of any reply to your question, whether through email, online chat, or by telephone. No matter what the problem is, we have been here to serve you.

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Free Shipping

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Free Exchange

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